Friday, January 26, 2007

Global Warming, ouch.

My research on climate begun few years ago. Then some intriguing results came out. Namely the low-dimensional Northern Hemisphere temperature variability due to seasonal solar variations caused by planets. Hopefully this research has intrigued the scientific comunity.

In an attempt to reach a broader audience around science, I posted in forums of - a well run blog on news on physics.

This is the original post from Apr 8 2006 in :

"This post has the form of the release of a climate model. The fact that I don't think that global warming exist doesn't mean that I agree with the environmental catastrophe taking place nowadays. This model predicts that the northern hemisphere temperatures are going to fall in years to come, though if it is correct and they don't fall, perhaps we have seriously damaged environment.

Few months ago the NTUA published my postgraduate thesis in the web:

There you can see that a simple two cosine model of 251 and 265.4 years periods, very well describes the Northern Hemisphere temperatures as reconstructed by Jones et al(1998).
The 251 years period is the seasonality of the Earth synods with Venus(wich is very canonical). The 265.4 years period is the mean period of the synods of Jupiter and Mercury with Earth when at the same time Earth is in synod with Venus too(these planets bring the greatest tidal forcing to the Sun and perhaps play a key role to Solar Activity that we get back here in Earth). The meaning is that there is a difference if the solar activity is greater if it happens when we have a summer or a winter at the Northern Hemisphere here in Earth.

The interesting is that this model very well describes the high temperatures of nowadays while at the same time it's 265.4 years cosine constituent reaches its maximum around 1950 AD wich really is the maximum of the 265.4 years cycle.
Moreover this model is a frequency beat of about 4500 years period and its' hights describe the last 10000 years Northern Hemisphere temperatures of Gisp2 in Greenland(their vest). Especially if you take into consideration the Precession of the Earth axis.


Dimitris Poulos

P.S. This site is free to republish any of the above with respect to the writer. "

Another post later followed:

" I uploaded some reference figures


Time seems to further validate it.

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Σ' ευχαριστω για τα καινούρια πράγματα (γνώσεις) που μου μετέφερες.
Το μεγαλύτερο χάρισμά σου (στο γραπτό σου λόγο), είναι ότι γίνεσαι κατανοητός δίχως να χάνεις την ουσία.
Αυτό είναι δείγμα ενος πολύ έξυπνου ανθρώπου.